It all Begins with efficient and productive Females

Supreme Bazadais Female Beef 2015
Grand Champion Ekka 2012
Junior Champion Ekka 2012
Senior Champion Ekka 2009

Lindana Bazadais focuses on delivering superior Bazadais genetics through a quality breeding program.

The Lindana breeding philosophy begins with an efficient and productive cow herd.

  1. Constitution - ability to ride out highs and lows of nutrition
  2. Maximum Fertility - ability to rebreed in a short joining period under prevailing nutrition levels
  3. Adaptability - ability to respond positively to fluctuating nutritional and climatic environments
  4. Production Efficiency - highly efficient feed conversion leading to extra weight gains whether on grass or grain
  5. Optimum Growth - rapid growth rates allowing a younger turn off age
  6. Maximum carcase potential- higher carcase dressing percentages
  7. extra saleable meat = more profit

Lindana Bazadais bulls and females will pass on these desirable traits to your herd.